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Qurban & Aqiqah

Qurban (Sacrifice) is carried out by millions of Muslims every year during Eid Al-Adha, following the sunnah of father Ibrahim (AS). Our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said, “It is the sunnah of your father Ibrahim (AS), for every hair of the Qurban you will receive a reward from Allah and for every hair in the wool you will receive a reward. (Hadith – Ibn Maja & Tirmidhi).

Qurban has to be performed on Eid-ul-Adha or withn 3 days from Dul-Haj 10th. The main objective is to bring oneself closer to Allah by proportioning the meat to 3 parts and distribute to the poor and to their families, relatives & friends. Our Prophet s.a.w. had said, "None of you should offer sacrifice of animals until he has completed the Eid Prayer.

Aqiqah is for newborn baby and can be performed at anytime before the child reaches puberty. Islamic practice of shaving the head of the newborn male and contributing 2 lambs. One lamb is slaughtered for a baby girl.

Our Masjid is one of the approved Masjids in Singapore to conduct the sacrificial event. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, we will not be importing livestock this year.